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Bill Fragos
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Bill Fragos is an Australian based Producer & DJ who from a very young age has been immersed in a world of music. Having studied music through his early and formative years, Bill Fragos started producing music of various styles, including but not limited to rock, blues, jazz and acoustic. In his late teens Bill Fragos started performing in various bands, where his original compositions were regularly featured.

At the same time Bill Fragos developed a passion for house music and commenced producing and subsequently performing live sets as well as DJ sets. Focusing more on the DJ side of things, Bill Fragos has played sets across Australia, the US and Europe. From his radio show SoulGood to his live performances, Bill Fragos has developed a reputation for his creative style and uplifting performances. Not only has Bill Fragos performed at some of Australia's biggest events both as headline act and as support for some of the world's best DJs, but he is also resident at The White Party Sydney, a glamorous, exclusive yet massive event which is regarded by all who attend as one of THE best parties in Australia.

The focus for Bill Fragos is on being innovative, and he approaches DJing in a progressive and educational way, pushing new music and developing a reputation for breaking the next big track. Bill Fragos strays from playing familiar and obvious tracks; instead he embraces an international and big room sound, playing and twisting music whilst at the same time exciting audiences.

Not simply satisfied with performing, Bill Fragos uses his extensive music education to write and produce tracks, with the SoulGood series getting spins from some of the biggest names. Bill Fragos has involved in numerous projects, including the tracks One More Time, Get Away With It and a remix of Roger Sanchez's Turn On The Music which is featured on his album Come With Me.


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