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Grant Caruthers
Artist Image Soul-blues singer-songwriter Grant Carruthers hails from Australia but now resides in South London. Influenced by the likes of John Mayer, Allen Stone and the sounds of Motown, Grant’s songs showcase his penchant for catchy melodies, poetic lyrics and sophisticated music.

Grant has been writing and performing since the age of six, and in 2013 went on to write, record and produce an acoustic EP, Like a Lion. After touring around Australia and playing at the Brisbane Australia Day Festival and The National Folk Festival, Grant moved to London and started working on his next EP, Conversations.

Grant’s understanding of poetry can be heard throughout his songs, and his ability to create phrases that sit well on the ear as well as the tongue makes his songs broadly accessible and highly memorable.

The authentic nature of Grant’s music lies in his command of sophisticated harmonies and rhythms, and throughout his work you may also hear elements of Thirsty Merc, Gregory Porter, Marvin Gaye and Earth, Wind & Fire.


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