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Jack Casey
Artist Image Jack Casey is a Singer, Songwriter and Musician who has worked with the likes of Sarah Godden, Dan Hannaford, Connie Mitchelle of Sneaky Sound System, Nathaniel Willemse, David and Lynn Jaanz.

“Jack has an amazing voice and is a great writer. I really enjoyed coaching him a few years ago. He has a truly unique sound anchored by a powerful, emotive and sincere delivery” – David Jannz.

Jack Casey’s style is diverse and could be best described as a blend of genres including acoustic, R&B, folk, indie and rock.

He’s been raised on this blend of music and it shows through his set list and original work that combines rhythm and pace with sometimes angelic and soft melodies.

Coming from a musical family, Jack Casey inherited a relationship with music from a young age. He has grown with it and developed into the musician you see today. Jack’s intimacy with music is evident in his performance as he takes you on a journey through the story he shares, the lyricality of instruments he plays and unique vocal tones.

Jack has a humble shyness about him; once his music takes over his spirit and performance comes alive. You soon see a depth to him that is intriguing and quickly discover that his talent is undeniable.

For a young artist Jack has a truly musical mind and a profound understanding for music composition. He is not only a singer but also a gifted musician and songwriter.

“The voice of an angel and the heart of a lion, Jack Casey is a true singer-songwriter” – Dan Hannaford.

Jack Casey’s unique voice and writing ability is what differentiates his personal style from what is currently in the industry. He is a storyteller and aims to show diversity - “I like to create an atmosphere that takes people on a journey” shares Jack.

When asked what he is currently working on, Jack responded by saying “I have been working on perfecting my live set-list, writing and composing original songs that I will aim to one day record. I would also love to further my skills in production and work behind the scenes to create music.”

Jack Casey’s next goal is to develop his first EP Album and secure a recording contract to share his music and keep exploring his art. “I am looking forward to the future, I would love to work with distinctive producers who can help to shape my sound and artistry in such a competitive industry” shares Jack.


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