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Sandbar & Grill - Casuarina Beach
In the heart of the Mainwaring, Sandbar + Grill is the essence of modern beachside living.

In this stunning restaurant, award winning chefs tantalise with Asian inspired dishes which showcase the coastlines abundant seafood. The char grill offers up perfectly cooked prime cuts accompanied by amazing fresh produce, sourced locally from one of Australia’s most fertile regions.

The Sandbar features a relaxed yet stylish bar and lounge where locals and holidaymakers can catch up over a sunset cocktail, a chilled lager, or a dozen freshly shucked oysters. The only decision to be made is who gets the next round!

Attached to the Sandbar kitchen, the General Store + Café is packed with essential ingredients needed for holiday survival. Chefs fill the deli fridge daily, local growers display their pick of the crop, and the shelves are crammed with gourmet delights.

The Sandbar + Grill is managed by acclaimed restaurateurs Toby Bamford (Host) and Greg Pieper (Executive Chef). The two have achieved great success as the operators of Kingscliff’s award winning Marine Restaurant, and are confident that the Sandbar + Grill will be met with a similar response. The two are adamant that they will maintain their beach lifestyle whilst running between the region’s two top restaurants.

The restaurant itself is designed by John Mainwaring, with the fit out done by Brisbane based interior design consultancy Yolk, who designed the spectacular Spoon Deli at James Street Markets in Brisbane. Even though the restaurant features designs that would be at home in any cosmopolitan city, its airy spaces provide a relaxed coastal ambiance.

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