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Chris Black
Artist Image Starting out on vinyl and turn tables Chris is a true music lover who has developed his DJ skills over the last decade and counting. Delivering a mash-up of commercial remixes and classics to modern electro bangers, Chris knows how to get the dance floor moving.

Falling in love with dance music in the early 2000’s Chris Black worked his way through Sydney’s diverse clubbing scene. Buying his first set of turntables in 2003, he set out to DJ the Sydney circuit, primarily honing his craft in the once seething Kings Cross.

Growing up in Sydney’s West, Chris Black holds strong routes in RnB and Hip Hop, something he has been able to incorporate into his sets of late.

Over the years his style has evolved from what was once a record spinning house DJ, to a more well-rounded performer who is likely to drop anything during one of his sets! Chris Black: “I just like playing music that gets people moving, whatever genre it may be. If the crowd is dancing, I’m doing my job”.

What to expect from a Chris Black set? He knows how to read a crowd and his ability to weave RnB, Hip Hop, House, Dance and Pop all into a jam packed set


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