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Muph & Plutonic @ Supafly Sundays
By combining their experiences and musical inspiration, Melbourne’s Muph & Plutonic are doing their bit to widen the boundaries of Australian hip hop. An ongoing partnership thrived between evolving MC (Muph) and renowned producer (Plutonic Lab) through the release of their 1st joint album “Hunger Pains” in 2004.

2006 proved to be a stellar year for Muph & Plutonic with the release of their 2nd album “Silence The Sirens” which went on to receive rave reviews from fans and media alike. "...And Then Tomorrow Came" is destined to further cement their position as innovators in this ever evolving scene.. Muph & Plutonic’s aim is and always has been to make music with integrity. In a time when hip hop artists are striving to achieve commercial success, Muph & Plutonic continue to release albums that speak honestly on making music, local culture and attitudes.

Thanks to Respect Music, Muph & Plutonic rocked out to a group of dedicated fans at Supafly Sundays on a warm March night in 2009
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