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Rubber Johnson & Sneaky Sound System
This is a story of the “Rubber Johnson”. The “Rubber Johnson” was created as a weapon of mass seduction by three talented young technicians who all specialised in the arts of aural climax. These three men were Otto Mitter Jnr, James Canning & Grant Wallis. Their creations sole purpose was to make people from all over the world move in rhythmical ways until wet with excitement & joy. In the year 2006 the “Rubber Johnson” was let loose amongst the funk starved masses to bring ultimate satisfaction to all in its presence.

Live the Rubber Johnson performs as anything from a 3 piece to a 10 piece. For an instant party vibe and complaints from the neighbours call 1900 - JOHNSON!

The Rubber Johnson performed along side Sneaky Sound System on 11/08/07!
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