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James Canning @ Royal Elastics Launch
James represented Respect Music with a serving of Old School Hip Hop and Funk collaborating with some of Brisbane's finest Breakers for Royal Elastic Industry Launch Party. This was an exclusive industry party and took place at the Chalk Hotel in Woolongabba.

A word from Royal Elastics - "For a long time we were sheltered under the roof of our parent company. Now, Royal Elastics is newly independent, and anything and everything can happen.

Characteristically, Royal Elastics is the rebel of the sneaker world, continually challenging the norm. So it's only fitting that since the brands inception, Royal has been an avid supporter of street-art, in particular graffiti. Over the years, Royal has endorsed worldwide events such as StreetWise and OneDot Zero, in addition to the recent launch of their own initiative, 'DekArt'. DekArt by Royal Elastics encourages both up-and-coming and established artists to express themselves and display their work in a unique format on everyone's favorite piece of maple, the skate deck.

The start of the brand was in 1996 two Australian trend setters realized there was no need for laces, thus Royal ElasticsĀ® was born. Royal ElasticsĀ® Stretch-fit Closure Systems are built for fast slip in and out speed, comfort and support. Royal ElasticsĀ® and the Fleur Logo trademark have since become the symbols of innovation in elasticated footwear. In 2009, Royal Elastics has finally regained its stature as a born again independent brand!"
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