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Adidas 35th Anniversary Launch
James Canning laid down some old school RUN DMC and other Hip Hop classics to set the tone for the re launch of the 35th Anniversary Adidas Classic Superstars Shell-Toes. This event took place on at Couran Cove Resort and was for all footlocker staff to witness these timeless pieces before being launched in March of 2005

The Adidas Superstar is considered to be one of the most iconic sneakers to have ever been made. Originally released in 1970, the Superstar is the shoe that introduced the rubber shell toe piece that has become so well known in the world of tennis shoes. Initially released as the low-top version of their current basketball shoes, the Pro Model, the Superstar quickly became one of the most famous sneakers of all time as many pro-basketball players decided on this line as their shoe of choice with over 75% of them wearing the Superstar within the first few years. To celebrate this legacy, Adidas released the Superstar 35th anniversary collection in 2005.

The collection consists of five different series and 35 models, each representing facets of the Superstar's rich history and each only seeing a very limited run.

Photography, graffiti, and art were the inspiration for the Expression series. Everyone from Disney to the street artists of Project Playground have designed their own distinctive interpretations of the Superstar. These shoes were available starting February 2005 in seven different models.

Music had a considerable impact on the Superstar's popularity. 80s rap group Run DMC was famous for wearing Adidas Superstars without laces and the tongue pushed out and, in 1986, produced the song "My Adidas". The Music series was designed by such notable artists as Roc-A-Fella, Ian Brown, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. These styles hit the stores in the first week of March 2005.

The Consortium series were highly exclusive with only a very limited number released to the various Adidas retailers. They were designed by London's Foot Patrol to resemble the original shoes from 1970, and sold out almost immediately upon release.

The Cities series consisted of seven distinctly different shoes, each one representative of a major city. Cities included were London, Buenos Aires, New York, Tokyo, Ibiza, Paris, and Honolulu. Each shoe indicated which city it represented on the side of the heel with the letter "I", followed by the Adidas logo, then the name of the city, giving the inferred meaning of "I Adidas New York", and "I Adidas Tokyo", for example. Some perceive the Adidas symbol to be a replacement of the heart symbol, reading "I love Ibiza", or "I love Paris", for example.

The Anniversary series, which was a series within the Adidas Anniversary collection, centred mostly on celebrating the 35th birthday of the Superstar with a myriad of unrelated designs.
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