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Richard Earnshaw @ Mybar
In a nut shell 32 going on 12 and a love for making music. He has been tinkling on the ivories now for nearly 25 years,10 of them as a classical pianist and the rest, all things jazz, funk and soul.

Richard has a degree in music from the University of London, where he met Mark Horwood, good friend and co-writer. Together they formed their first "serious" musical venture, Fusion Groove Orchestra. Since 1998, Richard has been pretty hectic. 2002 saw "People Are People" signed to Soulfuric. which started off a new level in his musical aspirations.

One or two productions and remixes later and 2003 brought in the start of Duffnote, One51 and more recently Guess Records. All handsomely put together alongside Danny Jones, co-writer, business partner and all round good chum!! Being quite modest, Richard has been known DJ a bit. Some words from Richard….”remember.... we don't stop playing coz we grow old... we grow old coz we stop playing!!”

Richard Earnshaw performs live at Mybar, with a special vocal rendition by the man himself.
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