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Chemical Brothers @ Riverstage Brisbane
Pioneers. Innovators.

Icons. Legends …

There’s simply no denying the extraordinary skills of The Chemical Brothers, who are still at the very forefront of electronic musical culture, since first taking the planet by veritable storm back in the early 1990s.

Comprising the sublime talents of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, this prodigious UK duo have released no less than seven chart-topping albums, enjoyed numerous global hit singles, and are synonymous with the all-conquering ‘Big Beat’ movement that they personally handcrafted and pioneered way back when.

Achieving unprecedented mass appeal for their notoriously huge sounds, fist-pumping beats and unique brand of psychadelic-electronic-rock mayhem, tracks like ‘Hey boy Hey Girl’, ‘Block Rockin’ Beats’, ‘Out Of Control’, ‘Galvanize’ and ‘Setting Sun’ are the party soundtrack for an entire generation of music lovers, far and wide.

All of this, however, speaks nothing of The Chemical Brothers phenomenal LIVE experience … an experience which has continually pushed the very boundaries of multimedia, changed the face of large-scale electronic performances forever, and one for which the pair are now renowned, and revered for, worldwide.

Future Entertainment are proud to announce that, having blown the roof off sold out stadiums, arenas and Future Music Festival main stages right around Australia in 2008, The Chemical Brothers are venturing back down under to unleash their latest and greatest heart-thumping LIVE juggernaut on the nation.

Hot on the heels of the release of their latest stunning long player in June 2010, Further, ‘The Chems’ (as they’re affectionately known by their legion of loyal fans) will touch down in March 2011 with the album’s mind blowing, custom-designed LIVE show in full effect.

Not only is this our next chance to bask in the epic glory of ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’ and revel in the bass-dropping genius of ‘Galvanize’ 100% LIVE, but featuring the cutting-edge film work of long time Chems’ multimedia collaborators, Adam Smith (Flat Nose George) and Marcus Lyall, the visuals for the awe-inspiring Further show have also been custom-designed, crafted and refined throughout the album’s recording process.

Heralding yet another first for Tom and Ed, this unique approach of making individual movies for each of the record’s eight tracks and directly marrying imagery with precise beats, notes, build-ups and drops has already received rave reviews from media in the pair’s home country, where the show debuted in May.

“A dramatic way of unveiling the duo’s new album … fantastically propulsive block-rocking drum beat and tumbling down bass” said The Times. “Designed for pure sensation” declared The Financial Times, “the Chemicals can certainly make a crowd happy” raved The Observer, while The Word perhaps summed it up best by saying “it belts up the architecture and rattles your fillings”.

Tickets for these awe-inspiring shows will go on sale in the first week of August, and with 2008’s shows selling out in a matter of minutes, fans are advised to get in quick this time around to avoid disappointment!
The countdown has begun, so music fans unite! The world’s biggest bass thumping rockers and masters of dropping those block rockin’ beats are officially on their way, and, according to Ed, it’s going to be one hell of a show: “In Australia and NZ we'll be playing big tunes that we've decided we like playing live from Further, but of course, along with some of the older stuff”, he says.

“We've always enjoyed being out there, it's good to get away. People seem pleased to see us down Australia, so it's good!"

Get ready to go Further with The Chemical Brothers.

Respect Music is giving 4 of it's lucky members an opportunity to get up close & personal with The Chemical Brothers on the 4th March 2011, at the Riverstage in Brisbane. For details on how you can win tickets, head over to the competitions page!

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