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Helena Victoria Kirss
Artist Image Helena Victoria Kirss is a show artist, drummer and educator. She has been performing for more than a decade with different rock, pop and show groups, fire artists and DJ-s, creating special productions and enjoying "out of the box" solutions. Her focus is on corporate events, conferences and special events.

Helena Victoria is the creator and performer of the show duo called Drum & Ballerina. Together with Arlin Saan they build unique performances ( She also conducts rhythm workshops for companies and groups, which are always fun and challenging experience for the audience. She calls 70’s rock classics as her soul music and real roots. Also, her first true experience as a drummer was in a hard rock band.

Born into a family of drummers, Helena Victoria has given a large number of concerts and drum shows together with her father Jaan Kirss and brother Ian Mikael Kirss. In long-term cooperation with the Estonian Concert (Eesti Kontsert), they have conducted the rhythm shows and lectures in schools all over Estonia. In her family’s dance orchestra she also sings and plays rhythm guitar.


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