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Sass & Bentley

Sass and Bentley Management is a Talent promotions and direct‐marketing company offering a complete range of services designed to maximize brand and product exposure.
Sass & Bentley’s promotional team has had over 9 years experience in providing the highest quality promotions for companies operating in South East Queensland and the Brisbane region. Our team is savvy, experienced, and dedicated to providing you with all of your promotional and talent needs. We work with our clients each step of the way to ensure every marketing campaign or promotional event is a successful one.
Sass and Bentley Events is a diverse and unique organization with a drive and desire to put the vibe and sense of excitement back into the events scene. S&B events is a event management powerhouse delivering premium quality event experiences. We believe in and strive to bring the exhilaration and culture back to the party landscape. Our experienced and passionate team love to push to boundaries and travel into unmarked territories to deliver exceptional events full of culture and enchantment. Having successfully held events in our past, each and every Sass and Bentley event is sure to keep you entranced and coming back for more.

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