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Cubic Collective

Cubic Collective is a secure online boutique. Our online boutique is in the shape of a cube : a cubic room. In this cubic room we carry collection's from some of Australia's leading designers. These beautiful and stylish pieces hang precariously from our highly polished yet invisible three-dimensional racks. Much work has gone into crafting this somewhat perfect geometric arrangement. The final threads were sewn and many glass nails were hammered into place to finish and launch this cube into the eye of the public.

Cubic Collective has now been successfully trading since July 2008. Our doors are always open, shop at your leisure, come and go as you please. We want to be a shopping experience that offers you a relaxing shopping environment wherever you are whenever you want. Shop at your own pace, in your own time. We aim to be your own personal stylist, offering you the latest trend pieces without the tedious task of searching for them yourself. We reward and look after our valued members. The core of our cubic experience is filled with love and appreciation for the customer. We look forward to hearing from you soon

For more info or to order please visit
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