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Kiss FM

Kiss FM is Melbourne’s original dance music radio station.

Kiss is Australia’s DJ elite playing records and CDs, music that is at the cutting edge of contemporary music culture. These DJs and presenters are specialists in the many genres that make up dance music. They are respected by their audience and are well known from their years of experience playing at Australia’s premier clubs, festivals and events. They are also well versed to speak informatively about the many aspects of Australia’s and the international dance music scene. This credible musical calibre is integral to Kiss’s respect both in the wider community and within the local music community itself.

Kiss listeners are excited by music – innovative sounds both old and new – they appreciate the roots of today’s modern electronic sounds and syncopations whilst also being open to new and inspirational sonic experiences. Kiss listeners are of all ages and come from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. They love looking at life outside the square and are open to non mainstream lifestyle choices. These lifestyle choices influenced by a worldly knowledge of cultural experiences through travel and the modern online media are rapidly changing the way many people see the world. Kiss FM listeners are motivated by their passion for music, technology and the arts both traditional and contemporary. Kiss FM listeners are disenchanted by mainstream media.

Respect Music Radio airs on Kiss FM every Friday morning from 5am - 7am

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